Spectacular fights in 1950s America


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Haymaker is a 2D fighting game where you can choose between four different characters to let loose in a series of levels set in the United States in the 50s.

Each of the playable characters in Haymaker has their own hits and special attacks. Learning those moves isn't that difficult, since to perform a super attack you only need to push one button (the right trigger on a Xbox 360 controller).

As in most fighting games, Haymaker gives you the option of playing against the computer, which is quite difficult, or against a friend using the same computer. Luckily, Haymaker is totally compatible with Xbox 360 controllers, so it's not a problem to connect two players to the same machine.

Haymaker is a 2D fighting game that, even if it's not especially entertaining, does have some outstanding graphics. The main problem with Haymaker is that it has very few characters and moves, but it makes up for that with some great visuals that you're sure to enjoy.
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